Kim Hoyoung’s accusation that made fun of Ok Joohyun

Kim Hoyoung’s accusation that made fun of Ok Joohyun’s snout split the friendship

Kim Hoyoung

The friendship between Ok Joo-hyun and Kim Ho-young, “best friends” in the musical world, has been cracked. The two, who had a relationship in the musical “Aida” in 2011, showed off their friendship by visiting each other’s homes and ordering late-night snacks and referring to them as close fellow celebrities.

The friendship between the two has faded because of a line of writing on SNS. A line that Kim Ho-young posted on social media on the 14th. Kim Ho-young said, “Asari-pan is an old saying. Now, it posted a picture of a jade floor and an emoticon of a musical venue with the article “Now, Okjangpan.”

The post was interpreted to the effect that Ok Joo-hyun mobilized his personal connections to exert an unfair influence on casting for the 10th anniversary of the musical “Elizabeth.” A meaningful article was linked to the casting of “Elisabeth,” and spread as if Kim Ho-young had shot Ok Joo-hyun.

The casting controversy began when Kim So-hyun, who was loved for “Elizabeth,” was left out and Lee Ji-hye was named. Lee Ji-hye is Ok Joo-hyun’s student, and when she was selected as the lead actor in the 10th anniversary performance of “Elizabeth,” suspicions were raised that she was “Ok Joo-hyun’s personal connections casting.” In addition, a large number of actors who are close to Ok Joo-hyun were cast, sparking suspicions.

Ok Joo-hyun spoke directly about the controversy. “It’s not up to me to explain the speculation and speculation about casting Elizabeth. All the rights for tens of billions of projects are up to the owner, he said. “Even if I explain, I will do it to the production company.”

In the meantime, he predicted the complaint, saying, “The providers who caused the rude speculation will sue,” adding, “Regardless of the facts, those who made fun of their snouts and fingers should be scolded.”

On the 20th, Ok Joo-hyun sued Kim Ho-young at Seongdong Police Station for defamation. In other words, Kim Ho-young is the one who made fun of his snout that Ok Joo-hyun said.

When Ok Joo-hyun sued Kim Ho-young, Kim’s agency said, “I don’t understand that Ok Joo-hyun judged the situation only with unconfirmed facts, and it is regrettable that the actor’s reputation was tarnished without confirming the facts to our company and Kim Ho-young.”

In the future, if any damage to actor Kim Ho-young occurs due to the content, we will take a strong response to defamation. In addition, we would like to hold them legally responsible even if they report unfounded articles only with unilateral claims that have not been confirmed.”

Ok Joo-hyun and Kim Ho-young are top stars in the musical world. It is the fans who are most sorry for the situation where the two once best friends turned away for a moment, and the deeper the emotional gap due to intimidation and accusation, the more they are aware of it.

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