High blood pressure symptoms lifestyle is important (risk factor)

High blood pressure symptoms lifestyle is important (risk factor)

risk factor

There are risk factors for hypertension that cannot be controlled, and there are factors that cannot be controlled, such as age, family history, gender, and so on, studies have shown that hypertension has a hereditary rate of 35 to 50 percent, in other words, 65 to 50 percentWell, that’s true, but the controllable number one, obesity, abdominal obesity, lack of exercise, excessive salt intake, excessive alcohol consumption, all have to do with lifestyle

It can be controlled by individual effort, so it is very important to know and practice healthy lifestyle habits, and it is called a lifestyle disease What’s important is that you’re overweight, or you’re eating salty, stressed, or you’re not exercising, you’re smoking, you’re drinking a lot, and these are bad habits and can cause high blood pressureIt’s going to be a story

I can tell you that treatment is also a correct reversal of those lifestyles

You keep the right weight so you don’t gain weight, but if you put your weight on your own and above your body weight, you can reduce your blood pressure by 24 grams When I eat low-salt or low-fat foods, I lower my blood pressure around 24 o’clock Avoiding stress itself can reduce blood pressure stably, so it’s good to develop your own relaxation therapy, and then if you don’t exercise enough, your blood pressure can go up

By doing aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes every day, you can lower your blood pressure in society, and it says you have to quit smoking and reduce alcohol, and each person has a drink or a manager For men who drink beer and soju with Doosan, that’s one for women Yeah, well, that’s how you get your blood pressure down to a lot

If you keep these five things, you can prevent blood pressure from developing, and it will help a lot with blood pressure treatment Lastly, there are some numbers that you need to know about your health

For hypertension, you must know systolic and diastolic blood pressure I have a disease that goes well with high blood pressure If you have diabetes or hyperlipidemia and have glycated hemoglobin hyperlipidemia, it’s a good idea to remember your bad cholesterol levels 비아그라 판매

And then your body mass index. It’s a measure of obesity So if you know your blood pressure, your blood sugar, your cholesterol and your obesity index, I can tell you that it will be beneficial and helpful for you to take care of your health

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