Don’t let Ok Joohyun turn on the air conditioner

Don’t let Ok Joohyun turn on the air conditioner. Is there a possibility of power abuse?

Ok Joohyun

Musical actor and singer Ok Joo-hyun, who has been embroiled in controversy over “personal connections casting,” has been accused of “abusing his power” this time.

On the 23rd, Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter, posted a video titled “Musical actor Ok Joo-hyun’s reality | Why the tears of the staff?” on his YouTube channel.

Lee Jin-ho said in the video, “The actors I contacted said that the reason why the seniors spoke out was not the only issue of casting silk.”

Earlier on the 22nd, the first generation of musical actors, including Nam Kyung-joo, Choi Jung-won, and Park Kal-rin, issued a statement saying, “The musical goes through many processes until the audience meets, and each has its own place and work.”

Lee Jin-ho said, “Ok Joo-hyun’s popularity and status in the current musical industry was simply the top,” but added, “Her behavior has also risen to a level that goes beyond the limit.”

“Since Ok Joo-hyun is a box office guarantee check, it is becoming more and more frequent for the production company to tolerate Ok Joo-hyun’s excessive behavior and force other staff to bear it,” he said.

He mentioned ▲ waste of water leaving the shower on for more than three to four hours ▲ prohibition of heaters and air conditioners for all staff members ▲ habit of throwing water bottles as an example of Ok Joo-hyun’s power trip to the staff.

Regarding the first shower water waste, Lee Jin-ho explained, “Ok Joo-hyun keeps the shower on from preparation time to the end on days of performance,” adding, “If you keep hot water on, water vapor is generated, and this is how you manage your throat.”

“The problem is not about 10 to 20 minutes, but about 3 to 4 hours without a break, so musical actors and production company officials say, ‘Water is too wasted.’ Although he has repeatedly asked to avoid it, Ok Joo-hyun is continuing this pattern,” he claimed.

Regarding the ban on the second heater and air conditioner, he said, “Ok Joo-hyun never allows the staff to turn on the heater or air conditioner during the summer or winter performance preparation process,” adding, “It’s because it can make your throat dry.”

“It is said that if you practice in the cold winter, the temperature of the orchestra pit will be lower. As a result, it occurs frequently until the instrument bursts, and the performers are said to be in a poor environment enough to catch a cold even if they wear padding and prepare,” he said.

Also, “Summer is the same goes for summer. There were also a number of cases where ensembles and staff exhausted after practice because Ok Joo-hyun did not allow the air conditioner to be turned on,” he pointed out.

As for the last water bottle throwing habit, “Musical actors wait backstage when they are not in their parts during the performance. It’s a short time, but I take a break while drinking water, he said. “The problem is that Ok Joo-hyun just throws the water bottle he was drinking at the time when he has to appear.” The staff who witnessed this criticized the expression, “I’m throwing it away.”

In addition, “There was an accident where the plastic bottle thrown by Ok Joo-hyun almost got caught in the stage device,” he said adding, “There was a staff member who protested, and Ok Joo-hyun said, “I threw it slightly, but the staff didn’t receive it properly.” The staff said they felt a sense of humiliation.”

“All of these issues came from different field staff,” he said. “After this incident, the field staff said to the actors, ‘I’m a living victim. He stressed that he is continuing his message of ‘thank you for being courageous.’

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