Manchester United’s 2022-23 season Dream lineup

Manchester United’s 2022-23 season Dream lineup is revealed. Manchester United fans are terrible


Local fans of Manchester United (hereinafter referred to as Manchester United) expressed dissatisfaction with Manchester United’s expected best 11 in the 2022-23 season.

Britain’s Gibmisport introduced the Manchester United Dream lineup selected by Manchester Evening News on the 24th (Korea Standard Time). Manchester United had a disastrous 2021-22 season, the 2021-22 season. Manchester United, which recruited Baran (France), Sancho (England), and Ronaldo (Portugal), were expected to compete for the championship, but they were greatly overwhelmed. “They finished sixth in the Premier League and failed to win the Champions League.” Manchester United needs to be reinforced in all positions through the transfer market this summer. United are behind England’s best teams and need to close the gap,’ he said.

The dream lineup of Manchester Evening News was included in the best 11 by Maguire (England) on behalf of Baran, and McTomini (Scotland) was listed in the best 11 instead of Fred (Brazil). In addition, Antony (Brazil), The Yong (Dutch), and Timber (Dutch), who are rumored to be transferred to Manchester United, were all included in the best 11. Antoni was selected as Manchester United’s dream lineup attackers along with Ronaldo and Sancho, while Fernandez (Portugal), McTomini and Theyong were listed as midfielders. Shaw (England), Maguire, Timber, and Dalot (Portugal) were selected for the defense, and De Gea (Spain) was named as the goalkeeper 토토사이트

Givenmisport introduced fans’ discontent with the Manchester United Dream lineup. Manchester United fans expressed their intention that they could not agree with the dream lineup, such as “Are Maguire and McTomini in their right mind as Manchester United’s Dream 11,” “It’s a nightmare, not a dream team,” “It’s terrible that Maguire is the best 11th instead of hoping for a defensive midfielder,” and “Lucky to win 7th place with this lineup.”

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