HONG HYUN HEE’s full-life D-line certification showed

HONG HYUN HEE’s full-life D-line certification showed more of her fat days


Hong Hyun-hee has released a D-line certification shot, which is a hot topic.

On the 24th, comedian Hong Hyun-hee released a photo of her recent status along with the message “D-55” on her Instagram.

In the released photo, Hong Hyun-hee slightly raises her top and certifies the beautiful D-line.

The reaction of best friends who saw this is also a hot topic. Yang Mi-ra drew attention by saying, “Only 55 days left?” Bae Yoon-jung said, “Oh, lovely Hyun-hee,” Park Seul-ki said, “Oh, there’s not much time left,” Kwon Jin-young said, “Congratulations on not having much belly,” and Seo Soo-yeon said, “Fighting for last month.”

Especially, Hong Hyunhee said, “That’s right. There were more in the past.” LOL LOL I saw your brother-in-law’s 79kg photo. “It’s amazing.”

Meanwhile, Hong Hyun-hee married interior designer Jason in 2018. The couple made headlines by announcing their pregnancy after four years of marriage in January and is scheduled to give birth in late July and August.

In addition, the couple is communicating through various entertainment programs and personal YouTube channel “Hongsun TV.”

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