Let’s see Baek Jongwon and Kim Dongjun

Let’s see Baek Jongwon and Kim Dongjun I can’t go to see him cry Sorry

Baek Jongwon

Baek Jong-won shed hot tears when he met actor Kim Dong-joon, a former member of the group “Children of the Empire.”

In tvN’s “Backpackers,” which aired on the 23rd, the backpackers who went on a second business trip to the military were broadcast.

As Baek Jong-won departed, he said, “I think there will be a trick when the production team plays twice in a row.”

The destination of the arrival was the 1st Division Advancement Unit located in the DMZ. Baek Jong-won looked at a better barracks restaurant and said, “I think you called me to brag.” DinDin also admired, saying, “It’s like a YG cafeteria.”

The request was made, “Please eat 400 servings of meals on time using an iron plate in front of your eyes.” Lt. Col. Lim Jung-wook said, “We gave you a difficult task and there are about 400 drinking water people. I thought it would be a little difficult for the four of you to do it, so the person who cooked with Chef Baek is working at our division. I think it would be good to do it together,” he said, leaving a meaningful comment.

When he couldn’t predict who Baek Jong-won was, Kim Dong-joon, who had a relationship with him at SBS’s “Delicious Square,” made a surprise appearance. Kim Dong-joon greeted Baek Jong-won with a hug, shouting the slogan “Jun Jin!”

Kim Dong-joon said in an interview with the production team, “It’s Kim Dong-joon, a corporal. He works as an assistant in the 1st Division’s forward boot camp. Today, I’m going to apply for cooking,” he said, showing awkwardness with the camera.

When he said, “I really wanted to talk about it (that I was coming out), but I couldn’t,” Baek Jong-won hugged him once again and shed tears of joy and sorry. It turned out that he couldn’t visit Kim Dong-jun due to COVID-19. Baek Jong-won said, “I can’t visit because of COVID-19. I said I would visit, but I couldn’t. I’m so sorry for Dong-joon,” he said.

When asked, “Why did I mistake you for the 30th Division?” Kim Dong-joon said, “I didn’t tell you on purpose. Even the day before joining the army, the teacher cooked delicious food for me and said, “Go to the army safely.” You said you just need to be healthy and have a good trip, but I’ll see you in a year,” he said, boasting of his extraordinary friendship.

When Baek Jong-won asked, “Are you already a corporal?” Kim Dong-joon announced the news, saying, “I was promoted two months early.” Baek Jong-won was proud, saying, “Dong-jun is FM.”

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