Roh Jihoon and Lee Eunhye had surgery due to miscarriage

Roh Jihoon and Lee Eunhye had surgery due to miscarriage


Singer Noh Ji-hoon’s wife Lee Eun-hye confessed to her mooring heritage.

On June 28, Lee Eun-hye said on her family’s Instagram, “Surprise (Taemyeong), I was excited every night thinking about whether you were a girl or a boy, and Ian was very happy to hear the news and have a younger brother.” It was short, but I was really happy to dream of a future with you.”

“In fact, I finished the surgery yesterday morning with a mooring miscarriage,” he said. “I had a good rest thanks to my husband taking care of me and my child and taking care of the housework. From today, if I go back to my daily life and spend my busy days, my gloomy feelings will eventually be blurred, but I just don’t want to be forgotten like this, so I write it down like a diary. In the summer of 2022, I was a child’s mom for a while.”

Netizens are sending comfort and support to Lee Eun-hye’s confession, leaving comments such as “Take good care of yourself,” “An angel will come again,” and “You worked hard both physically and mentally.”

Meanwhile, Lee Eun-hye is married to singer Roh Ji-hoon and has a son

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