The carriage fills the gap well too Kim Ha Sung is fifth in the

The carriage fills the gap well too Kim Ha Sung is fifth in the San Diego MLB power ranking

Kim Ha Sung

Kim Ha-sung’s team, the San Diego Padres, ranked fifth in the Major League (MLB) power rankings.

MLB’s official website, MLB Dotcom, unveiled the power ranking of 30 clubs on the 28th (Korea Standard Time). San Diego was ranked fifth, two steps down from last week’s ranking.

Main third baseman Manny Machado’s injury departure served as a factor in the ranking decline. Machado grabbed his left ankle and sat down during the base run against the Colorado Rockies on the 20th. Machado’s gap at third base is filled by Kim Ha-sung.

MLB Dotcom said, “Some wondered if San Diego would fall out of the top five soon due to Machado’s departure,” adding, “But San Diego finished seven consecutive home games with four wins and three losses.” “We finished 31 games in 31 days with 17 wins and 14 losses,” he said. “San Diego overcame the crisis well.

San Diego is now second in the National League West with 45 wins and 30 losses as of Friday.

The New York Yankees topped the power rankings following last week. It has been No. 1 in the power rankings for four consecutive weeks. After finishing three consecutive games with the Tampa Bay Rays last week, the Yankees maintained their lead in the American League East with two wins and two losses in four consecutive games against the Houston Astros.

Houston, the No. 1 Americanless West, raised its ranking from fifth to second last week, followed by the New York Mets and the LA Dodgers 코인파워볼

The Toronto Blue Jays, which includes Ryu Hyun-jin, were ranked seventh, while Choi Ji-man’s Tampa Bay was ranked 13th. Park Hyo-joon’s team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, ranked 24th.

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