There’s a lot of naengmyeon It tickles The reason

There’s a lot of naengmyeon It tickles


The reason I get bladder inflammation is that I’m actually tired, and I’m out of energy, and I’m out of energy, and I’m vulnerable So today, we’re going to talk about medical treatment Descendants, when we go to the hospital with all our heart, the symptoms are smelly and cold It’s itchy. This is the most common

It smells. It’s vaginitis There’s a lot of coldness coming out This might not be vaginitis It’s itchy. Maybe not, but if you want to have this color, you’re right. If you have these symptoms, you’ll definitely need to go to the hospital and check it out When we go to the obstetrics and gynecology clinic, we have a test called std There’s something you have to be careful about when you judge when you do the test It’s the evidence and the main character. Vaginal inflammation is a little different. Vaginal work lives in my house and my younger siblings live there

Normally, it’s like this. There’s this one, but the other one came in. The most common medical appointment is Gardnera urea plasma mycoplasma hominis. The princesses came out of the stock market because of the doctors. If you don’t have symptoms, you don’t have to treat them So whenever they come out, there’s no need to be fooled again and again Even if you don’t eat, it disappears. Even if you eat, it comes

I’m just going back and forth because of this, so don’t get stressed about them But in the case of betraying Gardnera, bacterial drainage is given in the bacteriophage that tells her to wash, and she’s the culprit. If she’s got a kid, it’s going to be 4.3 acid and then basic, and if she doesn’t eat, she can’t go back to this valence In this case, you need to take antibiotics You need a prescription for this

I’m curious because you said that you didn’t treat it with smell, but that’s the part that smells What’s the smell of suspected skill? Usually you care about it that much, but it’s normal that it doesn’t smell. The smell that I care about is the disease 비아센터

I said I would have urinated, but I smell yellow. I just smell yellow. I just smell something. Yes, it just didn’t fit. Why does it smell like this? Then you can come to the hospital. 30 minutes This is a little confusing. You know, women work At the end of the period, you can see a small amount of blood, so it’s oxidizing

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