Mina Ryu Philip went on a trip during the rainy season

Mina Ryu Philip went on a trip during the rainy season and ended up suffering with a heavy bag


Singer Mina suffered from a trip during the rainy season.

Mina said on her Instagram on the 29th, “Today is my first trip to Busan. I booked a flight without driving a car, but I got a text message when I got off the airport by taxi. ㅠㅠ Taxi fee of 30,000 won ㅠㅠ I have to take a heavy bag from Seoul Station to KTX Daejeon.” But I’m glad I got a chair on the side. I should cancel my flight back, right? My husband worked so hard because the stairs were so long without escalators We shouldn’t fly during the rainy season. #Puppy #Puppy #Puppy”

The couple suffered from the sudden cancellation of their flight to Busan due to the rainy season accompanied by strong winds. Ryu Philip walking down the stairs with a heavy carrier on his wife’s behalf is pitiful. Netizens who saw Mina’s post left comforting messages such as “You’re having a hard time from the first day of the trip” and “Have a nice trip even though it’s the rainy season!”

Meanwhile, Mina married singer Ryu Philip, who is 17 years younger than her

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