Ok Joohyun sunbae Kim Sohyun and your wife will repay

Ok Joohyun sunbae Kim Sohyun and your wife will repay you on stage despite the continuous controversy

Ok Joohyun

“As always, I’ll repay you on stage.”

Ok Joo-hyun, who has been on the cutting board due to a series of controversies such as abuse of power and suspicion of monopolizing the lead, spoke.

Ok Joo-hyun said on his SNS on the 30th, “It contains a gift-like moment that fills the roof and gives a burst of applause and cheers. Thank you,” he said. “As always, I will repay you on stage.” The photo released together contained the last ticketing schedule for the musical “Mata Hari” starring Ok Joo-hyun.

Ok Joo-hyun’s recent sniper post by Kim Ho-young has sparked controversy over casting personal connections. It was due to growing speculation that Ok Joo-hyun was involved in the double-casting of Lee Ji-hye, an agency such as Ok Joo-hyun and Ok Joo-hyun, without Kim So-hyun, who appeared twice in “Elizabeth,” which celebrated its 10th anniversary. On the 20th, Ok Joo-hyun filed a complaint against Kim Ho-young and two haters through the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul, but Park Kal-rin, Nam Kyung-joo and Choi Jung-won, the first generation of musical seniors, issued a statement to improve the musical environment. As a result, colleagues such as Kim So-hyun, Cha Ji-yeon, Choi Jae-rim, Jeon Soo-kyung, and Jung Sung-hwa also participated, and the situation spread.

In the end, Ok Joo-hyun dropped the charges against Kim Ho-young and apologized, but this was not the only suspicion. Ok Joo-hyun is suspected of exhausting his staff by not turning on the heater and air conditioner for neck care, and the leading actor’s monopoly of 8:2 with another lead actor Kim So-hyang in the 2016 musical “Mata Hari.”

The past remarks were also re-examined and controversial. In SBS’s “Night Opening,” which aired in 2018, Ok Joo-hyun saw a snack brought by Son Joon-ho at the practice site of the musical “Rebecca” and recommended food that fits his constitution to musical actors. In the meantime, Ok Joo-hyun said to Son Joon-ho, “You’re just like me. “I’m jealous of gold,” he said. It’s the same as your wife.” “Your Wife” mentioned here is Son Jun-ho’s wife and musical actor Kim So-hyun. Ok Joo-hyun was born in 1980 and Kim So-hyun was born in 1975. It has been pointed out that Kim So-hyun is older than Ok Joo-hyun and has a musical career, but the expression “your wife” is rude.

The controversy with Kim Ho-young ended smoothly, but it is inevitable that his image will be damaged due to continued suspicions. Among them, Ok Joo-hyun greeted the audience firmly, saying, “I will repay you on stage.”

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