An ugly interview that came back with Nam Joo Hyuk’s

An ugly interview that came back with Nam Joo Hyuk’s boomerang 7 years ago


Actor Nam Joo-hyuk, who is tall, looks like a puppy, and is considered the number one casting “Romance Water” for his extraordinary physical and appearance as a model. It was packaged in a plausible way, but the traces left by itself in the past returned as boomerangs.

Suspicions of school violence related to Nam Joo-hyuk have been raised one after another in a week. In the first disclosure, Nam Joo-hyuk and his agency Management Forest’s positions are “groundless of facts” and “criminal charges.” In particular, the forest showed absolute trust in Nam Joo-hyuk, saying, “The agency is really miserable and sad about the current situation where the scarlet letter is branded.”

I suffered school violence for six years in middle and high school. Nam Joo-hyuk hung out with about 15 bullies. It was a feeling to push and cut in line with your body during mealtime, and swearing and hitting also happened every day. “Breadshuttle” was also a frequent occurrence in the canteen, and humiliated them by throwing a mechanical pencil lead from the back seat and pulling out a chair before sitting down.” (First alleged school violence on June 20, 2022)

“As a result of checking with the actor about the first news story, we confirmed that all of the contents were not true at all. Nam Joo-hyuk filed a criminal complaint against Min OO reporter who wrote a false article, CEO of the media, and anonymous informant who falsely reported it for violating the Information and Communication Network Promotion and Information Protection Act.” (Part of the forest’s official position)

However, the trust between Nam Joo-hyuk and the forest is shaken by the second revelation. This is because the detailed statement of the victim who was bullied by Nyam Joo-hyuk and the graduation photo that pretended to step on the same class were released.

While attending high school, Nam Joo-hyuk ‘outcasted’ me with violence and verbal abuse. Nam Joo-hyuk always forced me to turn on my smartphone data hotspot and took my smartphone at will. If caught by the teacher, Nam Joo-hyuk submitted my smartphone, not his. Nam Joo-hyuk paid more than tens of thousands of won for paid games or items in the game at will. When he asked for money (payment fee), he said, “Why should I give it to him?” (claimed by Nam Joo-hyuk, victim of the school violence on June 28, 2022)

Above all, the shocking revelation was that Nam Joo-hyuk had a fight with his classmates. Mr. A said, “I had to fight with Nam Joo-hyuk even if I didn’t want to. Nam called it “sparing.” If I refused Nam Joo-hyuk’s request or didn’t like the group, I designated my fight partner to “sparing.” Nam Joo-hyuk and his group stood in a circle on one side of the classroom and made a ring, in which I had to fight against an unwanted opponent, he said.

A’s claim of damage continued. Nam Joo-hyuk told A, “If you buy bread within three minutes, I will let you get out of the bread shuttle,” and A went to the game with all his might, but Nam Joo-hyuk continued to tease him, “It’s been more than three minutes, so keep doing the bread shuttle.”

There is no physical attack, such as inflicting injury on the article claiming damage. In the disclosure, Nam Joo-hyuk did not hesitate to press others with the power within the given class. Nevertheless, the reason why this revelation was shocking was that Nam Joo-hyuk stuck to his pure and innocent image in various dramas and entertainment shows.

Therefore, when it first appeared in the disclosure, many people thought that school violence was a rumor. However, after the second revelation, public opinion changed. This is because it seemed to overlap with Nam Joo-hyuk’s words and actions before the victim’s disclosure. Nam Joo-hyuk’s past interviews have begun to be re-examined in the famous online community.

How was Nam Joo-hyuk in 2015’s “Fresh?” In the pictorial interview, he had no qualms about using slang as it is and criticizing others. Although it was buried because it was not very famous, it was Nam Joo-hyuk, who was criticized for being bold at the time and heard the ridiculous nickname of “Shout Identifier.”

“When Kangnam passes by, it feels like a funny person passes by. When I pass by, I hear something more like exclamations. xx Handsome.” / “I always hear good things and someone says, ‘Oh, I don’t like Nam Joo Hyuk.”I get a little angry when I hear the sound. Why do you judge me when I didn’t say anything to you? That’s how I felt. Maybe it’s because I’ve heard so many good things.” / “More than that, could you write the name of the dentist I got my teeth straightened in the interview?” Go to hell.” (Interview by Allure, Feb. 2015)

Nam Joo-hyuk’s battle for truth about school violence is just beginning. It will take quite a long time for the truth to be revealed whether Nam Joo-hyuk is the perpetrator of school violence or the victim of school violence rumors because he has to rely only on testimony without evidence.

However, this issue re-examined Nam Joo-hyuk’s past, revealing the appearance of “Natural Nam Joo-hyuk” before making it up. Apart from the controversy over school violence, Nam Joo-hyuk’s image crossed the irreversible river.

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